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Some common misconceptions about Business Intelligence

Decisions are made through clear information. Business Intelligence (BI) is the processes, technologies and tools that help us change data into information whereby information becomes knowledge. The knowledge derived from the information allows plans to guide organizations. Business Intelligence helps users avoid mistakes, and increases organizations’ performance and market share. Before I dive into further …

The BRM Role in the digital transformation strategy

Introduction Nowadays, the term Digital Transformation is part of life and consequently it becomes very important for all companies to invest time and resources to follow this trend. Usually the retail industry becomes the most impacted due to a very close relationship between the customer and the company for the establishment of the nexus that …

Business Intelligence – Tools Are Not Enough

Written by Fabricio Quintanilla We worry about tools too much. Don’t get me wrong – tools are great. It’s hard to do much without them. But when it comes to building business intelligence solutions, focusing on tools rather than the business you’re building the solution for is a key reason why these solutions often end …